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What happens to labor and the Democrats now?

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Everybody is obsessed with President Trump’s 100 days. Thank God that’s over!  

So let’s move to a story that may actually have electoral consequences! I found this article by Michael Tomasky rather interesting:   

We spent more of our 50 minutes together talking about the Democrats than we did about Trump. He didn’t want to lay into Hillary Clinton personally, but he did point out to me that fact about her doing less well among his members than Obama had, and he had some sharp words for the Democratic message in last year’s campaign — and for Bill Clinton.

“The Democratic Party quite frankly had no coherent economic message,” he said. “Workers have been facing stagnant wages, dropping benefits, and economic security being taken away from them over a 40-year period. Trump said a lot of stuff — hasn’t followed through on it, but said it, and they were willing to take a chance.”

The problems, he said, started under Bill Clinton. 


“I think that was the beginning of the schizophrenic days, when they needed workers’ votes but wanted Wall Street money, so they tried to serve two masters but were successful at neither,” says Trumka.

But didn’t Bill Clinton do a number of good things? I mean, 22 million jobs?

“People still weren’t getting wage increases,” he says. “The economy was still moving away from us.”

And what of Barack Obama?

Slight pause, then: 

“A well-intentioned guy. I think he had a good heart. You have to put him in context. He had a Congress determined not to let him do anything. They spooked him early on…  It’s not like he had a fair chance on the playing field. He could have done more workers, but all in all, he tried.”

Not exactly high praise (he also mentioned his disappointment that Obama didn’t speak more consistently about — or do more to fight — wage stagnation and inequality). So surely, President Trumka, you’re happy with the direction the Democratic Party has taken since November?     

Of course, President Trumka did not talk about the other elephant in the room.

Over the last few years, the Democrat Party has walked away from union members in more ways than wage increases or free trade agreements.

Wonder how many union members are crazy about a party aligned with sanctuary cities? Or the connection between Wall Street and Democrats? Or the fellow with a “good heart” getting $400,000 to give a speech?   

Once upon a time, a Democrat could walk into a union hall and speak the language of the guys there. Do you DNC Chairman Tom Perez can do that? Don’t bet on it!    

We are watching President Trump crack another firewall and union leaders like Mr. Trumka know it!   

Keep an eye on this story developing under the noses of a news media.

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May 1, 2017 at 6:36 am