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The Enemy Within – the Democrat version

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Years ago, I helped an old friend move to a new home.  

At one point, we ordered some pizza and sat down to take a little rest. We also found a box of old paperbacks from our school days. We found books by Barry Goldwater, Jimmy Carter, Alexander Haig, Richard Nixon, and The Enemy Within, a book written by Robert F. Kennedy in 1960. (My friend said that his dad had bought the book)

The book is a summary of a U.S. Senate investigation into organized crime. The information means nothing today except that the title is a perfect description of everything going on in the Democrat Party.

As Noah Rothman wrote, the party’s problems are Democrats:     

Since the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, the party has found the enthusiasm commanded by its progressive members irresistible. 


The Democratic Party’s most celebrated personalities are self-identified progressives, but not necessarily self-identified Democrats. 

The chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee came down to a race between a progressive radical and a progressive populist — a race the progressive populist only just barely won. 

That chairman has since made it clear that the party he leads is no home for Americans who consider themselves, for example, pro-life, despite the fact that somewhere between 18 and 27 percent of Democrats would likely fall into that column.

This is a party that sees standing in schoolhouse doorways to block the entry of Trump appointees, destroying property, and scoffing at non-violent demonstrations as legitimate forms of “Resistance.” 

It is a party whose bitter luminaries reject even the pretense of reconciliation with the registered Democrats who broke ranks for Trump. 

It is a party that, when it tried to elevate a white southern Democratic former governor to repair its image among Trump voters, was laughed out of the room by the politically active celebrity left.

To their detriment, both the party’s elected leaders and its committee chairs are indulging the hyperbole that typifies the modern left. 

We see this hyperbole and lunacy everywhere, from Colbert imploding on TV to Democrats becoming the party of sanctuary cities.    

The insanity goes on. Mrs. Clinton was on TV discussing the 2016 election. It’s true that she accepted responsibility but did manage to bring in FBI Director James Comey, Russia, and the woman factor. Incredibly, no one asked the obvious question: did you really think that you could have a private server and hide it from everyone? Did it occur to you that such a bold move would come back to bite you? 

We are watching people go crazy by the minute. They say little but scream a lot.  

Maybe someone should bring a placard to the next Tom Perez speech. It can say in bold letters: There is too much leftism around here, Tom! Way too much for our electoral good!
Yes, the enemy is within and he or she or the other gender is a Democrat.

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May 4, 2017 at 6:36 am