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“The Black Scorpion” is not a bad movie at all

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On a scale of 1  to 10, I’d rank this one about a 3.    In other words, I  have seen a lot worst movies.    At the same time, it’s OK if you have a couple of hours to kill or watch a scary movie that is not really that scary at all.  

The story is about a giant scorpion freed after volcanic activity in Mexico.   Everything gets interesting when the giant scorpion threatens the countryside and then heads to  Mexico City.     The Mexican Army goes on offense and you see tanks and soldiers with machine guns shooting at the scorpion.

The lead actor was Richard Denning, who apparently made a bunch of these science fictions movies about monsters.   The leading lady was Mara Corday, a very pretty woman indeed.    

I love the trailer:




Written by scantojr

June 11, 2016 at 11:00 am