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1976: “Disco duck” #1 in the US (and 2 weeks later we elected Jimmy Carter)

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Let’s look back at one of the craziest songs of the disco era:

“The job description of a drive-time DJ on local radio back in 1976 was fairly straightforward: take some phone calls, be funny between records, give the call sign several times an hour and greet the public every so often at a local sporting event or auto-dealership opening.

But as satisfying as that routine might have been to the average radio jock back in 1976, it left one ambitious young man named Rick Dees wanting something more.

And so it was that Rick Dees created a novelty record called “Disco Duck,” a song that hit the pop universe with such impeccable timing that it rocketed up the Billboard Hot 100 in the nation’s Bicentennial year, hitting the #1 spot on October 16, 1976.”

And 2 weeks later, we elected Jimmy Carter as the 39th president of the US!  

Is there a connection here?

It was a fun song:



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October 16, 2014 at 8:00 am

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