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Hillary Clinton pandering to the left by going against President Clinton’s policies?

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Candidate Hillary Clinton addressed the crisis in Baltimore.   She spoke in generalities but her comments confirm that she’s really scared of a left wing challenge.

It sounded like Hillary Clinton was attacking her husband’s policies from the 1990s.   This is from The Washington Post:

“Tough-on-crime policies that emphasized arrests and convictions for relatively minor offenses have failed the country, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton said Wednesday, leading to overcrowded prisons and too many black men “missing” from their families and communities.

“We need to restore balance to our criminal justice system,” Clinton told an audience at Columbia University in New York.

Calling for an “end to the era of mass incarceration,” Clinton endorsed body cameras for police nationwide to record interactions between officers and potential suspects.

Making her most specific policy proposals since launching her campaign earlier this month, Clinton said it’s time for a nationwide overhaul of what she called misguided and failed policing and prison strategies.

In effect, she was saying that policies put in place when her husband Bill Clinton was president have not worked.

Clinton did not mention her husband or identify exactly which laws and sentencing policies she thought had gone wrong.

But many of those policies grew out of the crackdown on drug crimes and other nonviolent offenses that took place before and during Bill Clinton’s presidency 20 years ago.”

So is this Clinton running against Clinton?   Or is it a case of Clinton not knowing what her husband signed into law?  

My guess is that this is Hillary Clinton pandering to the left.  She is scared to death of a challenge from the left.  

As usual, Hillary Clinton did not take questions from the media.   I guess that she has concluded that “questions from the press” is for the GOP candidates.

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April 29, 2015 at 1:30 pm

The Democrats in 2016 with Barry Casselman, The Prairie Editor

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April 28, 2015 at 11:30 pm

Tuesday: A look at Senator Cruz running for the GOP nomination with Richard Baehr

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GUEST:  Richard Baehr of The American Thinker…..we will discuss the entrance of Senator Cruz into the 2016 GOP sweepstakes…..will it be followed by others like Senator Paul?  What impact will it have on Iowa?   South Carolina?   There is also a big time Texas primary in March 2016 but there is a good chance that Senator Cruz will have to compete with Governor Perry, also a likely candidate…….

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March 24, 2015 at 2:00 pm

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Does CNN really think that Hillary will get 55% of the vote?

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(My new American Thinker post)

We’ve seen many polls lately, but the CNN “general election match ups” are ridiculous:

Secretary Hillary Clinton beats Gov Jeb Bush, Gov Chris Christie, and Gov Scott Walker, 55-40%

She beats Sen Rand Paul, 54-43%, and Sen Marco Rubio, 55-42.

This is insane for two reasons:

1) We have not had a presidential candidate get 55% since President Reagan was reelected with almost 60% in 1984.   

Gov Clinton got 43% in a 3-way race with Perot in 1992 and was reelected with less than 50%.Furthermore, in 1988, seen by many as Reagan’s 3rd term election, VP Bush beat Gov Dukakis, 53-46%.    

Gov Bush was elected in that “tie” of 2000 with 48% and was reelected with 51%.   
Senator Obama won 52.8% in 2008 and was reelected with 51% in 2012.

2) All of the other polls show Sec Clinton under 50%.   

It surprises me that no one at CNN News looked at these results and immediately contacted the pollster and said:  These numbers make no sense!   What does your sample look like? Do it again!

It’s too early and things could change in many ways before Election Day 2016.   
Hillary Clinton may be our next president. However, I don’t she will be the first candidate to crack 54% since Reagan. I don’t see that happening.   Frankly, I don’t think that she will create the kind of excitement that will bring out young people, Hispanics, and African Americans like Senator Obama in 2008!   

Again, this is a silly poll. It amazes me that CNN didn’t see just how flawed these numbers are.  

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March 24, 2015 at 9:30 am

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Huckabee, Perry and Romney look like they are running in 2016

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(My new American Thinker post)

At the start of the year, I told a friend to keep an eye on Mike Huckabee.  He just had the look of a man running for president.  After all, didn’t Ronald Reagan write columns and do radio commentaries before running?

Last month, I was very happy to hear that Mitt Romney was considering another run.  Frankly, I think that he is one of the most qualified people ever denied the presidency.

Let me add another one – Governor Rick Perry of Texas.  We didn’t see the real Perry in 2012 but we are seeing him now.

Over the last few weeks, Gov Perry has been at the forefront of the “kids on the border issue.”   He represents people who are directly impacted by the chaos on the border. 

Over the weekend, Gov Perry moved beyond the border and wrote a column about President Obama’s foreign policy.  It was strong.   He challenged isolationism and he is right:

“As a veteran, and as a governor who has supported Texas National Guard deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, I can understand the emotions behind isolationism.

Many people are tired of war, and the urge to pull back is a natural, human reaction.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where isolationist policies would only endanger our national security even further.”

Gov Perry also took on Senator Rand Paul’s view of the world.  He also aligned himself with President Reagan’s foreign policy – the projection of strength and maintaining a strong defense.

Gov Perry also has his Texas’ economic record to talk about.  Frankly, a lot of Americans may want to hear how Texas does it in 2016.

Foreign policy, economic prosperity and border security  That’s pretty good slogan!

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July 15, 2014 at 6:00 am

The NPR interview is a preview of what Mrs Clinton will get from the left

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(My new American Thinker post)

Cheers for Terry Gross of NPR for getting out of the tank and asking Hillary Clinton some good questions:

“So what’s it like when you’re in office and you have to do all these political calculations to not be able to support something like gay marriage, that you actually believe in.

Obviously you feel very committed to human rights and you obviously put gay rights as part of human rights but in doing the calculus you decided you couldn’t support it.

Correct me if I’m reading it wrong.”

You are reading her exactly right.  On same sex marriage, and Iraq, Hillary Clinton is nothing but a cynical opportunist, as the article goes on to show:

“Then ensue seven awkward minutes.

Among the worse lines:

“Just because you’re a politician doesn’t mean you’re not a thinking human being.”

“One of my big problems right now is that too many people believe they have a direct line to the divine and they never want to change their mind about anything. They’re never open about new information and they like to operate in an evidence-free zone. I think it’s good if people continue to change.”

“I think I’m an American. (laughter) I think that we have all evolved.”

“Because I said I’m an American so of course we all evolved and I think that’s a fair conclusion–”

“I have to say, I think you being very persistent, but you are playing with my words and playing with what is such an important issue.”

“No, I don’t think you are trying to clarify. I think you are trying to say that I used to be opposed and now I am in favor and I did it for political reasons. And that’s just flat wrong. So let me just state what I feel like I think you are implying and repudiate it. I have a strong record. I have a great commitment to this issue and I am proud of what I’ve done and the progress were making.”

“I did not grow up even imagining gay marriage, and I don’t believe you did either.”

So actually what Clinton is saying is: she used to be opposed, and now she is in favor, but NOT for political reasons. Rather, because she is an American. And, as an American, she evolved.

But this is actually a more interesting question. When you and your opinions have had to exist in the public eye as long as Clinton and her opinions have, this does put you in a fun position on this particular issuewhere it is hard to have and eat your cake simultaneously.

On Iraq, she was all for the war until she had a challenge from then Senator Obama.  After all, who can forget her Senate speech explaining the vote?

On same sex marriage, she again has been reading polls and calculating her positions.

The NPR interview was a shot across the bow from the left.    My guess is that many in the left are not ready to support her.  They’d rather support someone, like Senator Warren or Senator Sanders, who has not been dancing around the issue.

In other words, Hillary Clinton has a lot of explaining to do to lefties who aren’t buying her message.                                                                           

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June 18, 2014 at 8:00 am

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The week in review & D-Day memories with Bill Katz of Urgent Agenda

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May 25, 2014 at 10:30 pm