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Pelosi’s proposal plus unmasking Flynn and GOP does well on special elections

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Pelosi ‘cynical’ $ 3 trillion proposal won’t get anywhere….GOP wins on Tuesday…….Unmasking General Flynn…..Lopez-Obrador wants more information on ‘Fast and Furious’…..Frank Sinatra 1998….Happy # 66 Dennis Martinez….Happy # 78 Hall of Famer Tony Perez…Jack Bruce 1943-2014…Delegates arrived in Philadelphia 1787…….and other stories…..

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Source: Pelosi’s proposal plus unmasking Flynn and GOP does well on special elections 05/14 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics

Thursday’s video: The Pelosi $ 3 trillion is a collection of things that they couldn’t pass when they had majorities…

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Lopez-Obrador just gave Trump a big issue to run on

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On Tuesday night, I spoke with Allan Wall, who writes often about U.S.-Mexico issues.  Like me, Allan was a bit surprised that President Lopez-Obrador opened this case so many years later.  

In fact, the Mexican president sent a diplomatic note to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City.  

This is from Mexico News Daily:   

Referring to the details of the diplomatic note in a video message, Foreign Affairs Minister Marcelo Ebrard said that if the United States government executed the gun-running scheme without the knowledge of Mexican officials, it violated Mexico’s sovereignty.

On the other hand, if the government led by Calderón did know about the “fast and furious” scheme, that administration committed “serious violations” against the constitution, Ebrard said, because former Mexican officials denied knowledge of it in statements made to Congress and society.

Let’s remember that the “scheme” happened in 2010-11 or during President Felipe Calderon’s (2006-12) term.  

Let’s add that Mr. Calderon defeated Mr. Lopez-Obrador in a controversial election decided by 244,000 out of 39 million votes.

As many in Mexico say, the feud between Lopez-Obrador and Calderon is personal.  In other words, he believes that the 2006 election was stolen.  

It appears that President Lopez-Obrador wants to go after President Calderon and blame him for the weapons that ended up in Mexico.

Up here, President Trump has a great opportunity to cooperate with Mexico and call on former VP Biden to explain what “Fast and Furious” was all about.

My guess is that Biden was not involved.  I think that this was Attorney General Eric Holder’s fumble but it won’t hurt to ask Biden about it.

Politics aside, I would like to know what happened.  How did 2,000 lethal weapons end up in the hands of cartels?  How did this happen?

President Trump should put his administration on record that the U.S. will cooperate and express his regrets to the victims in Mexico.

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May 14, 2020 at 7:42 am

A word about May 14

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We remember May 14:

US history:     On this day in 1787, the story of the US changes forever when delegates from the 13 states met to amend The Articles of Confederation.    It did not really start until May 25 when everybody was in town.   By September, the sessions produced the US Constitution that we know today.    It was subsequently sent to the states for ratification.   The Bill of Rights, or the first 10 Amendments, were added between 1789-1791. 

The story of the West:    The Louisiana Purchase was completed in 1803.    A year later, Lewis & Clark began their mission to explore the lands of the West.   The men returned on September 23rd, 1806, after almost two and a half years.  They brought back tremendous information that led to the settlement of the West.  It must have been an eye popping trip for the men in that mission.

Music files:    Time flies and we recall that Frank Sinatra died many years ago this week.  It seems like it was yesterday that I was driving and heard the story about Sinatra’s death on the radio.

Rock groups:   We remember Jack Bruce who was born on this day in 1943.   He died in 2014.  CREAM was one of the super groups of the 1960s.  They were Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce.    

Hall of Fame: We remember today Atanasio (Rigal) Perez, the pride of Ciego de Avila and member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.  He was born in 1942.  Tony broke with the Cincinnati Reds in the summer of 1964.   He went on to have a wonderful major league career:  2,777 games, 2,732 hits, 379 HR, 1,659 RBI and a very good .279 career batting average.

Baseball notes:    We say happy birthday to Dennis Martinez who was born in Nicaragua on this day in 1954.    From 1976 to 1997, Dennis was a very successful major league pitcher:  245 wins, 3.70 ERA, 122 complete games and a perfect game in 1991.Tweets:


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