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New derangement syndrome, same as the old derangement syndrome

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Over the last day or so, I came across some stories from November 2007, or maybe the height of what we used to call Bush Derangement Syndrome.

It did not take long to realize that I’ve seen this movie before!

Remember the “bridge girls” who told us they didn’t vote for Bush?  The ladies were apparently speaking to the world and saying we “feel your pain” and understand your dislike for our president.

How did that turn out?  Well, Gitmo never closed, and President Obama lost 1,000 seats from coast to coast!

Remember the Dixie Chicks and all the marches and insults?

Back then, Dennis Prager summarized it beautifully this way:

Every day I see at least one car, usually more than one, sporting a bumper sticker that reads, “Buck Fush.”

Apparently, some of our fellow Americans on the left find this message to be profound and witty.

But it is not these individuals’ presence or absence of wit or profundity that interests me here – both are so obviously absent, no comments are necessary. 

It’s their contempt for society and their narcissism that demand commentary.

We will survive this nonsense known as Trump Derangement Syndrome just as we laugh now at “Buck Fush.”

Nevertheless, it speaks volumes about the immaturity of the left.  They’d rather say “F-U” than explain how they are going to pay for Medicare for All.

Or they support taxi-drivers but get around on Uber!

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August 26, 2018 at 6:46 am

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