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How Roe v Wade poisoned our judicial confirmations!

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Some of us are old enough to remember Travolta’s “Saturday Night Fever” and “the pre-Bork days” when judicial confirmations were easy and rather elegant.

They are not anymore and you can blame Roe v Wade, or the decision that legalized abortion in the US.

Before Roe v Wade, abortion was a state matter.  It was decided by voters and legislatures. 

And abortion was legal in those places where voters decided to make it legal.

In 1973, The Supreme Court “found” a right to an abortion and we’ve been in a fist fight ever since.

If a Republican president nominates a candidate then the left goes berserk…..if a Democrat president nominates a candidate then the right goes berserk!

Again, you can blame abortion and the federal over-reach under Roe v Wade.

Wouldn’t it be nice if judicial nominations were serious and without controversy?

It’d be nice but it won’t happen anytime soon!

A few years ago, David Brooks wrote something about this in 2006:    

“The fact is, the entire country is trapped.Harry Blackmun and his colleagues suppressed that democratic abortion debate the nation needs to have.The poisons have been building ever since.You can complain about the incivility of politics, but you can’t stop the escalation of conflict in the middle.You have to kill it at the root.Unless Roe v. Wade is overturned, politics will never get better.”

Yes, overturn Roe v Wade and let the states decide and get all of this poison out of judicial nominations.
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Written by scantojr

July 7, 2018 at 10:30 pm

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