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Tuesday’s video: We remember Babe Ruth & President Reagan

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February 6, 2018 at 9:00 pm

‘My memo vs your memo’ and we remember President Reagan and Babe Ruth

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We will look at the memo story… memo vs your memo……….my AT post about the Chavez family in Venezuela…….we remember President Reagan and Babe Ruth……………………… other stories………..

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Source: ‘My memo vs your memo’ and we remember President Reagan and Babe Ruth 02/06 by Silvio Canto Jr | News Podcasts

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February 6, 2018 at 8:30 pm

Living like a Chavez

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Hugo Chavez died a few years ago. He left us President Nicolás Maduro running Venezuela and an estate that his offspring is gladly spending.   

Living like a Chavez is fun, as we see in this report about a maverick Venezuelan legislator who wants to talk about the family wealth. It is not easy, but Wilmer Azuaje, a state legislator, is persistent:   

His campaign to highlight how the Chavez clan has enriched itself has plenty of sympathisers in Barinas, a poor town which sits humid agricultural plains 300 miles southwest of Caracas in one of Venezuela’s regions.

Here the late-president’s family owns 17 country estates, totalling more than 100,000 acres, in addition to liquid assets of $550 million (£360 million) stored in various international bank accounts, according to Venezuelan news website Noticias Centro.

While ordinary Venezuelans suffer growing food shortages and 23 per cent inflation, the Chavez family trades in US dollars that now fetch four times the official bank rate on the black market. 

Living in numerous mansions in Alto Barinas, the city’s most affluent district, the family and their children live a life of privilege, says Mr Azuaje, whose wife left him to marry into wealth and now lives next to the Chavez mansions.

“My daughter goes to school with the Chavez kids”, he explained. “She told me that the school dining hall has waiting staff to serve and clean up after the kids”.

Great story, but not surprising.

We see something similar in Cuba, as the Castro family has accumulated a lot of wealth, too.   

In both Cuba and Venezuela, we see socialists who became very rich by creating a corrupt system where everyone has to pay their contribution to the government.

What amazes me is that U.S. liberals go down to Cuba and Venezuela and embrace these people. We can only conclude that the liberal visitors are blind or just ignorant, or maybe both.

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February 6, 2018 at 8:36 am

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Happy birthday to ‘The Gipper’ and ‘The Babe’

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All of my conservative friends are flooding Facebook, Email & Twiter with salutes to our cherished 40th president:

“On this day in 1911, President Ronald Wilson Reagan is born in Tampico, Illinois.   

Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the United States served for two terms from 1981 to 1989.

Known as The Great Communicator, he was the first actor to be elected president after two centuries of mainly lawyers and soldiers.”

To this day, President Reagan ranks high as one of the most popular presidents of the last 50 years. We remember him as a leader, a man who stood up to the USSR, defended the US and the kind of figure that you were proud to see on stage as the US president.

In fact, a 2011 Gallup ranked him as our greatest president

Over Lincoln and Washington?  Not so fast but it is evidence that a lot of us remember him as a successful president,  a man who made us feel good about the country.

Babe Ruth was also born on this day in 1895.  

Like Reagan, Ruth came along at an opportune time. 

Baseball was in deep trouble after the White Sox scandal and fans soured on the game. The “Black Sox” scandal was a complicated story but the Commissioner had no choice but to ban the players.  The biggest tragedy of the commissioner’s decision is that we never got to see “Shoeless” Jackson play a full career in the majors.

Ruth put fans in the seats.  He made baseball fun and became a legendary American hero. 

What was God telling us, making this day a birthday for two such dynamic individuals?  I think that he was saying that our leaders come from humble homes and unexpected places like Tampico, Illinois and the rough streets of Baltimore. 

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February 6, 2018 at 6:00 am

President Reagan was born on this day in 1911

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We remember that Ronald Reagan was born on this day in 1911.   His birthplace was Tampico, Illinois. 

Like many of you, I became a conservative because of the Reagan 1976 campaign and eventual election to the presidency in 1980.   He is still one of the most popular presidents in recent memory.   

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February 6, 2018 at 3:30 am

Babe Ruth born on this day in 1895

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George Herman Ruth was born in Baltimore on this day in 1895.    We remember him as Babe Ruth, the man who probably saved the business of baseball in the 1920’s after the White Sox scandal.  
Ruth retired in 1935 with 714 career HR’s, including the legendary 60 in 1927.   However, there was more to Babe Ruth than HR’s:  2,873 hits, 506 doubles, 2,174 runs, 2,213 RBI, a .342 batting average, a .474 on-base percentage, and a .690 slugging percentage.
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February 6, 2018 at 3:00 am

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