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August 9, 1974: President Ford assumed the presidency

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We remember this week another anniversary of President Gerald Ford assuming the presidency after President Nixon’s resignation

It was one of those moments that you remember living through, especially watching the resignation speech and the inauguration of the new president on TV.

President Ford’s honeymoon was short lived.  A month later, he pardoned President Nixon and it probably cost him the 1976 election.  However, historians now give him very high marks for the decision.    In 2001, he won “The Profiles in Courage” award from The Kennedy Library.
My biggest memory of that day came from a family friend from Venezuela.  My parents had a visitor from Venezuela, a banking colleague of my father.
We watched the Ford ceremony together and he looked at my dad and said this:
“You know what amazes me about the US.  You can do all of this.  Replace a disgraced president with one never elected.  And you can do it all without tanks in the streets.”
I will never forget that.  Most countries would not have survived a constitutional crisis like that.
Yes, there were no tanks in the street.

We were also very fortunate that a great man like Gerald Ford was in line to assume the presidency.

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