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Why do Democrats win polls and lose elections?

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Are there any Democrats out there asking a simple question:  Why are we winning polls and losing elections?      It happened in 2016 and more recently in the Georgia special election.   Why are so many experts wrong?

A quick answer may be the latest ABC News-Washington Post poll.    

This is from Rush Limbaugh’s show on Monday:   

On this ABC/Washington Post poll, it probably would be more accurate to say they did not oversample Democrats. They vastly under-sampled Republicans. The split: 35% Democrat, 23% Republican.

Do you know what Gallup said that the Republican turnout was? Gallup says 38% of the United States ID’d as Republican or Republican-leaning after the November election, leading into and afterwards. Thirty-eight percent. You know, many more Americans identify as conservative than liberal.    

So why they keep putting out polls like these?   Why do they keep publishing polls based on a flawed sample?    

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Written by scantojr

July 17, 2017 at 1:30 pm

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