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July 1964: It didn’t have much of a plot but “A Hard Day’s Night” was a smash!

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It was July 1964 and The Beatles were suddenly movie stars!   The movie was released in the UK in July and in the US in August.

As someone said, the movie didn’t have much of a plot but lots of people paid to see it.

It was The Beatles running around from concerts to studios to interviews……there was one funny old man (Wilfrid Brambell) playing Paul’s grandfather.

In retrospect, the movie was very funny. It was full of crazy comedy!

I liked it, and continue to like it, a lot!     You can rent it or buy it here.

The soundtrack was great, such as the title song “A hard day’s night”, “I should have known better”, “And I love her” plus the beautiful “If I fell”.

We remember that there were two LP’s, one for the US and the other for the UK.

The US version had several George Martin instrumentals, such as Ringo’s “This boy’s theme”.


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July 9, 2017 at 9:30 am

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