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Remember when “To love somebody” and “Somebody to love” were on the charts?

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Once upon a time, we collected 45’s.

My brother and I spent every bit of our “savings” building a 45’s collection second to none.   It worked out because we shared the same stereo, slept in the same room and had identical tastes.  Therefore, I liked what he contributed and vice versa.

I remember one time when I was accounting for our batch of 45’s.

Suddenly, it was clear that we had a song called “To love somebody” and another one “Somebody to love”.

They are both classics from that wonderful musical year of 1967.

To love somebody” was The Bee Gees’ 2nd international hit, or the follow up to “New York Mining Disaster“.   It’s been recorded by several artists, such as Eric Burdon and more recently Michael Bolton.    It is still very popular today.

Somebody to love” was the first big hit by “Jefferson Airplane“, a California band. The lead singer was Gracie Slick.    This band eventually became “Jefferson Starship“.

They were very different songs but great nevertheless.    


Written by scantojr

July 3, 2017 at 1:30 pm

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