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1966: “Pet sounds” released by The Beach Boys

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Let’s remember “Pet Sounds”, recorded many years ago and still one of my favorite LP’s!

It ranks as one of the best albums in rock history. (In fact, it is ranked #2 in Rolling Stone’s Top 500 rock albums!)

“Pet Sounds” was way ahead of its time. It included songs and arrangements that defined Brian Wilson’s awesome talents and skills.

The Beach Boys were Brian Wilson and his brothers Carl (guitar) & Dennis (drums). The other members were Mike Love (vocals) and Al Jardine (guitar). Bruce Johnston also sang vocals in this album.

Most pop albums do not get better with age.  In fact, they usually end up in a basement box or closet!

“Pet Sounds” gets better and better with age. In fact, it sounds great on the new CD format!

Get a copy, put it in your CD player and you will see what I mean!


Written by scantojr

May 16, 2017 at 4:00 pm

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