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The Obama presidency was no “profile in courage”

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Years ago, then Senator and future President John F Kennedy wrote a book called “Profiles in courage”.    It was about politicians who did the right even if the polls showed otherwise.   For example, a recent recipient of the award was President Ford who pardoned former President Nixon in 1974.    

A few days ago, the award went to President Obama for meeting the many challenges that faced him during his presidency.      

Are you kidding me?    Obama Care had nothing to do with courage.   It was a one party effort pushed through Congress and implemented by executive orders.    

And the one about meeting the many challenges?    Like Syria?  or rushing out of Iraq for purely political reasons?    

Sorry but President Obama was never a profile in courage.  

P.S.   Let me recommend the book.   I enjoyed it many years ago in school:

Written by scantojr

May 9, 2017 at 10:30 am

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