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And now President Macron has to worry about jobs for the young people

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Congratulations to President elect Macron.    He won the presidency of France with big numbers.    He also faces big challenges, as Bret Stephens wrote this week:    

The French are desperate. Jobs are the No. 1 election concern, ahead of terrorism and the migration crisis. As of March, the unemployment rate was 10.1 percent. Youth unemployment: 23.7 percent. These figures would be shocking in the midst of a recession.

But this is France seven years into a recovery. The last time the growth rate surpassed the 3 percent mark was 17 years ago.

We wish him well.   However, don’t be surprised if he is very unpopular rather quickly.    Jobs, jobs and jobs is issue # 1 in France.    Does President elect Macron have any ideas to revitalized the French economy?    I don’t hear them.

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May 7, 2017 at 1:31 pm

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