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Don’t overreact to the Kansas special election

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By midnight, the results from the Kansas special election were Republican Ron Estes with 52.5% of the vote to 45.7% for Democrat James Thompson.   Yes, it’s probably true that 6 points is too close in a heavy GOP district but he won.  

I found Sean Trende’s analysis interesting:    

One of the critical features of this election was that the Republican nominee was the state treasurer. Given Brownback’s widespread unpopularity, and the significant budget hole that could be (perhaps unfairly) attributed to Estes, it isn’t surprising that Thompson ran well.

Moreover, Thompson didn’t exactly run as a national Democrat. While he wasn’t a conservative Democrat by any stretch of the imagination, his website emphasized his support for Second Amendment rights, funding law enforcement, and “discourage[ing] illegal [immigration] activity,” alongside support for LGBT rights and steps to combat climate change. Again, this isn’t to say he is conservative or a “blue dog” Democrat; he isn’t. It’s just to say he ran to Hillary Clinton’s right, especially on the salient issue of guns.

While we are on the subject of Thompson’s website, notice that his issues page never mentioned Trump. Brownback’s name, however, appears eight times, three times in bold. Again, local issues really were an important feature of the race.

So was Thompson running against the unpopular Governor Brownback or what?   Again, look at the candidate’s website.  

Did he call on Congresswoman Pelosi to campaign for him?   I don’t think so!  

Does he favor sanctuary cities?   Probably not!

Yes, it was closer than it should have been but the GOP did not exactly put up a candidate that excited anyone.        

We repeat that incumbent GOP Governor Brownback is extremely unpopular and Mr. Estes is the state treasurer.     Estes was not exactly a dream candidate!

What does it mean for 2018?    At this point, not much.    Let’s check the landscape in the summer of 2018!

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April 12, 2017 at 5:00 pm

Wednesday and a look at front page stories with Michael Prada

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We will look the mess in Venezuela… seems like the whole country is marching against Maduro……..the Trump administration is talking tough all over whether it’s Russia, Syria, Iran…….many people voted for Trump because he’d stay out of these conflicts……and a few more thoughts about the immigration march in Dallas that drew a small crow……and more stories……………

Click below to listen:

Source: Wednesday and a look at front page stories with Michael Prada 04/12 by Silvio Canto Jr | News Podcasts

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April 12, 2017 at 3:00 pm

Blog: ‘La marcha’ that wasn’t mega

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Source: Blog: ‘La marcha’ that wasn’t mega 

For weeks, we’ve been hearing about the Dallas immigration megamarch.

On the day before Sunday, they told the marchers to bring American flags and promote red, white, and blue values. No foreign flags, “por favor”!

Well, Sunday came and the march wasn’t mega. They brought U.S. flags but not enough people showed up at all.

The local reports were not very encouraging:

The turnout was far smaller but more diverse than the crowd that gathered 11 years ago at the first Mega March for immigration reform.

Protesters walked across downtown, from the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe to City Hall Plaza.

There, speakers addressed an audience police estimated at 3,200.

The Dallas Observer was more blunt: “Dallas’ “Mega March” An Enthusiastic Bust.”

We were told that the march was more diverse, i.e. refugee issues, health care, jobs, refugee ban, etc.

The lack of a crowd should sting the Democrats. They probably thought that this march would turn into another display of “Anti-Trumpisms”. Well, that didn’t happen the way the leaders had planned.

So far, I’ve heard a couple of explanations for the march’s low turnout:

First, a retail business owner told me that many people thought that the organizers were immigration attorneys looking for business; and,

Second, the diversity (i.e. refugee issues) did not click with many people more interested in immigration reform rather than the refugee ban.

My own theory is that the community is very disenchanted with Democrat leaders. After all, didn’t they have the votes to pass immigration reform in President Obama’s first term and did not?

We will never know the full reason. We do know that excessive promotion did not excite an area that turned out in huge numbers in 2006 and 2007.

So much for the mega march of 2017! Maybe it’s the end of marches, period.

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April 12, 2017 at 7:51 am