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Remembering Ritchie Valens (1941-59)

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Ritchie Valens was almost 18 when he was killed in a plane crash.

Ritchie Valenzuela was born in LA and became one of the first Mexican-Am rockers.
His life inspired “La Bamba”, a great movie from the 1980’s.
His story was also part of Don McClean’s “American Pie”, a song written in the early 1970’s about the death of Buddy Holly!
We posted a bit about Ritchie’s tragic death in 50 years ago: “The day that “music died
It was a post remembering the anniversary of Buddy Holly’s death. (Valens was touring with Holly when their plane went down in a snow storm!)
I love Buddy Holly’s songs. Over time, I came to admire Ritchie Valens’ songs, too!
Ritchie’s music was full of energy and excitement.
Ritchie was not around to record a lot of songs. He did have hits with “La Bamba”, “Donna”, “Come on let’s go” and “We belong together”.



Written by scantojr

February 3, 2017 at 8:00 am

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