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January 1969: The Bee Gees and “I started a joke”

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“I started a joke” was released in the US in January 1969.   It is one of my top 5 Bee Gees’ songs. 

It was also one of the best Robin Gibb lead vocals.

In January 1969, Barry was 22, Robin & Maurice were 19 and the brothers were enjoying a wonderful run on the international pop charts.

The young Gibb brothers had just released their 3rd best selling international album (IDEA)!   It followed HORIZONTAL and FIRST.

They sold millions of records with monster hits: “Words”, “I’ve gotta get a message to you”, “Holiday”, “To love somebody” and “Massachusetts”.

“I started a joke” was one of their best compositions.  It turned into a huge hit in the US and just about everywhere else.

You can hear the song HERE.    This is a great CD of their # 1 songs.


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