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1961: Roger Maris hit # 61

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It was the last day of the 1961 season.  It was Maris’ 61st home run and a new season record:     

“Maris hit his famous homer on his second at-bat of the day. On his first, he popped out to left field. When he came to the plate again in the fourth, his team had one out and the bases were empty. Maris let two pitches from Boston rookie Tracy Stallard go–one high and outside, one low and inside–before swinging hard at a waist-high fastball.    

“An ear-splitting roar went up,” the New York Times reported, as “the crowd sensed that this was it.” The ball was gone, all right–Sal Durante, a 19-year-old Brooklyn truck driver, caught it about 10 rows back in the right-field stands. Maris trotted around the bases, stopping to shake hands with a young boy who’d managed to wriggle past security and onto the field and stepped on home plate. Then he tipped his cap to the crowd, took four bows and returned to his seat on the bench.”

MLB put an asterisk next to Maris’ 61 homeruns.  It was a way of saying that Ruth hit 60 in a 154-game season and Maris under 162 games.

Maris lived with an asterisk next to his record until his death in 1985.    


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