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US-Cuba issues plus Latin America stories of the week

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September 21, 2016 at 9:00 pm

September 21, 1970: Who remembers the debut of Monday Night Football?

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Where did 46 years ago?   I don’t remember the first game on Monday night but became a big fan in the 1970’s.   

The first game was between the New York Jets, the defending Super Bowl III champs who had shocked the Baltimore Colts , and the Cleveland Browns, who had just been moved to the AFC after the merger.   

The three announcers were Keith Jackson, Don Meredith and Howard Cosell!   

Joe Namath started for the Jets but Cleveland beat New York 31-21.    

It is the longest running sports series in history.   I don’t know if the game is as big a deal today as it was in the 1970’s or even into the 1980’s.   Back then, you didn’t have all of the cable TV options so this show was a must for sports fans.

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September 21, 2016 at 5:00 pm

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Happy # 74 to Sam McDowell

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We say happy # 74 to Sam McDowell, who threw as hard anyone ever did.    

Sam broke with the Indians in 1961 and enjoyed some great seasons, such as in 1965 when he led the league with a 2.18 ERA and 325 K’s.    

He had more great seasons in the late 1960’s and finished with 141 wins, an excellent 3.17 ERA and 2,453 K’s.      I saw him pitch in Milwaukee circa 1970 and he was awesome fast!

He is in the top 10 for lefthanders in K’s!

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September 21, 2016 at 12:00 pm

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1981 and Steve Carlton sets NL mark for K’s

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The great Steve Carlton made some National League history on this day in 1981:   

On September 21, 1981, Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Steve Carlton strikes out the 3,118th batter of his career to break Bob Gibson’s National League record for career strikeouts.

Despite Carlton’s 10 shutout innings and 12 strikeouts, the Phillies lost the marathon game to the Montreal Expos in the 17th inning, 1-0.

Over an amazing career, Carlton 329 games with a 3.22 ERA.   He also completed 254 games with 4,136 strikeouts.

His best season was 1972:  27-10, a 1.97 ERA, 30 complete games, 8 shutouts and 320 strikeouts.   The amazing thing is that he pitched for a team that won 59 games.   It may have been the greatest pitching performance ever.

Great pitcher.   Maybe the best lefty after Koufax with all due respect to Randy Johnson!


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September 21, 2016 at 11:30 am

1968: Jeannie C. Riley’s “Harper Valley PTA” makes country & pop history

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Who would have predicted this?   Who would have thought that a country song about a PTA would make history?    

It did this week in 1968:  

With her career-defining hit song, 23-year-old Jeannie C. Riley accomplished a crossover feat that no other woman would match for another dozen years: On September 21, 1968, she became the first female performer to top the Billboard Country and Pop charts simultaneously, with “Harper Valley P.T.A.”

Perhaps never in pop history has one voice been more right for one song than Jeannie C. Riley’s was for “Harper Valley P.T.A.” Indeed, it was her speaking voice, and not her singing, that got Riley noticed and picked out for the song. She had come to Nashville from her native Anson, Texas, in her early 20s to pursue a singing career, but it was on her day job as a receptionist at that she was noticed by the legendary country-music record producer Shelby Singleton.

Recognizing her voice as perfect for the protagonist in songwriter Tom T. Hall’s crypto-feminist tale of a small-town Southern widow’s fight for her right to wear her skirts short and her heels high, Singleton had Riley record “Harper Valley P.T.A.” as her first professional demo, which was released as a single that charged up the Pop and Country charts in mid-summer 1968.”

And it was a fun song and a bit hit!



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September 21, 2016 at 9:00 am

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Rouhani meets Fidel & Raul

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(My new American Thinker post)

We just learned that Iranian President Hassan Rouhan visited Cuba. My guess is that he is not scouting any Cuban pitchers for an upcoming Iranian baseball league.    

This is from the Global Times:

Cuban leader Fidel Castro and visiting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani talked about bilateral cooperation and challenges on Monday, according to a government statement. 

“In a fraternal exchange, the distinguished visitor expressed satisfaction with his visit to Cuba and made clear his admiration for the struggle, achievements and assistance of the island to other nations,” said the statement. 

The two leaders also discussed the “complexity” of the international situation. 

“Fidel and Rouhani agreed on the analysis of food production in a world threatened by climate change, the relentless growth of the world population and dangers that threaten the preservation of peace,” it said. 

The pair concluded the friendly meeting with a sincere wish for collaboration between Iranian and Cuban people, it added. 

Rouhani met with Castro at the latter’s residence in western Havana prior to a meeting with his brother and President, Raul Castro. 

Rouhani arrived in the Cuban capital earlier in the day for a short visit to boost economic cooperation between Tehran and Havana. 

He kicked off the visit after participating over the weekend in the 17th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement in Venezuela.

Admiration  for the struggle, achievements, and assistance of the island to other nations? Wonder if he called for the U.S. to return Gitmo and pay reparations for its isolation of Cuba?   

The Rouhani trip comes at an interesting time in U.S.-Iran and U.S.-Cuba relations.    

The Iran nuclear deal has emboldened Tehran. Just check out what Iranian boats are doing in the open seas. It looks like the lesson of the Iran nuclear deal is that the U.S. is a paper tiger that will actually pay for the return of hostages. And, will not retaliate when its Navy ships are confronted in international waters.  

The U.S.-Cuba relationship is looking more and more like a one way street benefiting the communist regime, even from the Washington Post:

If you think the president’s policy will “empower” the fledgling Cuban private sector, as opposed to the overbearing state, think again. Easy money from expensive visas is a relatively minor example of the regime’s so-far successful efforts to reap direct benefit from the new relationship with the United States. 

Even more important is the fact that the Cuban armed forces own the country’s dominant tourism companies, and those firms are expanding their role in anticipation of an American influx.

So Fidel, Raul, and Rouhani are celebrating U.S. weakness. The word is out that President Obama is down to 120 days and it’s time to get whatever you can.  

So far, Iran and Cuba are doing just that! Iran gets closer to a nuclear bomb and the Castro regime gets an infusion of U.S. cash that no one was willing to lend to them.    

Remember the one about people following the strong horse? A strong horse we are not at this point in the presidency of “hope and change”!

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September 21, 2016 at 7:17 am

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