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The Boston Massacre 1978: Yankees sweep Red Sox

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In July 1978, Boston had a 14-game lead over New York.  

In August, the Yankees started to win and the Red Sox started to lose.   To be fair, Boston was hit with a ton of injuries.

In early September, the Yankees came into Boston 4 games back.   They left Boston tied for first.   New York swept a 4 game series outscoring Boston, 67-21.    

It was brutal for the home fans who could not believe what they were watching:   

The Yankees won all four games by an average margin of over eight runs.
In the four games, Lou Piniella was 10-for-16 with five RBIs, White was 8-for-15, Randolph 8-for-16 with six RBIs, Munson 8-for-16 with three RBIs, and Rivers 5-for-13. A Yankees shortstop named Bucky Dent was 7-for-18 with seven RBIs.   (MLB)

To their credit, Boston won the last 9 and forced a dramatic one game playoff in Fenway.   The Yankees won it on Bucky Dent’s HR.


Written by scantojr

September 10, 2016 at 8:07 am

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