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Buddy Holly (1936-1959) would have turned 80 today

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We remember that Buddy Holly was born in 1936.  He would have been 80 today.

Buddy’s career was brought home by Don McClean’s “American Pie”.   I was not crazy about the song because it was too long and the lyrics were really hard to follow. Nevertheless, the tragedy of Buddy Holly’s life caught my attention.

Subsequently, I watched “The Buddy Holly Story”, a very good movie that traced his amazing rise from a West Texas teen rocker to a big time music star in New York.

Buddy Holly was born in West Texas and had a passion for life and music:

“Buddy Holly spent his west Texas youth learning the piano, the violin, the banjo and the guitar. He formed his first group while still in junior high school. Performing as Buddy & Bob, Holly and his school friend Bob Montgomery played what they called “western and bop”—one of the many creative names used in the mid-1950s to describe the various hybrids of blues, R&B and country & western that would later coalesce into rock and roll. When Buddy & Bob opened in Lubbock for a young kindred spirit named Elvis Presley in 1955, Holly saw very clearly in what direction he wanted to go. And while Holly would never be able to compete with Presley in terms of good looks and charisma, he would far outdo Elvis in terms of purely musical creativity.

By 1956, Elvis had become a superstar performing material originally written by others, and though Buddy Holly was still an unknown, he was blazing a trail that future giants like the Beatles would follow by writing, performing and eventually producing his own material. Both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones would draw heavily on the Buddy Holly catalog either for cover material or direct songwriting inspiration, and Holly would be a tremendous formative influence on the young Bob Dylan, among many others.

In a recording career that lasted little more than 18 months, Holly contributed an astonishing number of classic songs to the rock-and-roll canon, including “That’ll Be The Day,” “Peggy Sue,” “Not Fade Away,” It’s So Easy,” “Everyday,” “Oh Boy!” and “Maybe Baby.”

Born on this day in 1936, he died in 1959 at the age 23 in rock and roll’s most famous plane crash.”

He died very young but is one of the greatest stars of the the early days of rockn’ roll. His influence is heard in every garage when teen boys plug in their electric guitars. Buddy Holly was really great!



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