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A look at the 2016 race, the Cuba embargo and we remember the 1991 USSR coup

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We will look at the latest political stories, from the Trump team changing management team……to a new Trump speech about national security and urban violence……..on the other hand, Mrs Clinton is apparently leading in the latest polls……..the US embargo on Cuba is back in the news because of a US company managing hotels in Cuba…………memories of the 1991 coup in the USSR……………and other stories of the week……………….. Click the link below to listen to the show:

Source: A look at the 2016 race, the Cuba embargo and we remember the 1991 USSR coup 08/18 by Silvio Canto Jr | News Podcasts

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August 18, 2016 at 9:00 pm

And speaking of the U.S. embargo on Cuba?

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(My new American Thinker post)

The story of the U.S. embargo against Cuba goes back several administrations.  It was created to punish the Cuban government for stealing U.S. properties on the island without compensating U.S. citizens who owned them.  The embargo was later strengthened in 1996, when Cuban Migs shot down a plane carrying representatives of “Brothers to the Rescue,” a Miami-based organization identifying Cubans in rafts in the Florida Straits.

The Obama administration granted permission to a U.S. hotel management company to manage some hotels in Cuba.  This is from Capitol Hill Cubans:

A few days before Obama’s historic March trip to Cuba, U.S. hospitality firm Starwood, which operates Sheraton, Westin and other prominent hotel brands, received authorization from the U.S. Treasury Department to run several hotels on the island in apparent violation of U.S. laws. 

All of the hotels are properties that were confiscated by Cuba’s communist regime without compensating private owners and are currently owned by the Cuban military, which means all profits generated by any commercial venture will finance the regime’s repressive apparatus. 

Furthermore, the Cuban government will assign hotel workers their jobs and employees will have no labor rights. U.S. law prohibits American companies from operating under these conditions in other countries.

In an announcement celebrating the unusually swift Treasury authorization to do business in Cuba, Starwood Chief Executive Officer Thomas B. Mangas said “with Cuba’s rich history, natural beauty and strong culture, there is no question the entire U.S. hospitality industry has watched Cuba with great interest, and we are thrilled to lead the charge and bring our sophisticated, high-end brands into the market at this inflection point.” 

Somehow, Starwood beat out several other American companies that have been trying to obtain U.S. government approval to do business in Cuba, according to a mainstream newspaper. Among them is Marriott International whose CEO actually accompanied Obama on his trip to Cuba earlier this year.

As a Cuban-American who came here as a kid with my parents, I’d love to see U.S. businesses start ventures in Cuba and bring capitalism back to the island.  At the same time, this is not what the Obama administration is doing with these deals.

First, we are doing ventures not with Cubans, but the Cuban military, which is basically a subsidiary of the Castro family.  Cubans will not participate in these ventures except as employees paid in worthless pesos after the Castro family keeps the dollars, or hard currency.  It’s hard for me to believe that a U.S. CEO would participate in such a racket and abuse of people.

Second, these properties were confiscated from U.S. citizens.  Who represents them?  Isn’t that what the president of the U.S. is supposed to do?

The Obama administration should call on Congress to end the embargo or it should live by the law.  Is that asking too much of this administration?

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August 18, 2016 at 10:00 am

We remember that Roberto Clemente was born on this day in 1934

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We remember that Roberto Clemente was born on this day in 1934.   He died tragically in 1972.   

Put me down as one of those kids who checked the box scores daily to keep up with Clemente’s batting statistics.  

His stats were awesome:   a .317 career batting average, 3000 hits, 240 HRs and 1305 RBI.   

Was he the greatest Latin player?  I would say yes, with all due to respect to others already in the Hall of Fame.    His greatest contribution is that he opened the door for so many Latins.

Clemente won 4 batting titles:  1961, 1964, 1965 & 1967.     

Sporting News ranked Clemente at # 20 among the 100 greatest players of all time.

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August 18, 2016 at 8:00 am

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We remember Tony Conigliaro (1945-1990)

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On this day in 1967, Tony Conigliaro was hit by a pitch and his career would never be the same.      Tony C, as he was known at the time, was hitting .267 with 20 HR & 67 RBI in 95 games.   He was out for the rest of the year and missed all of 1968 too.  

Tony C broke with Boston in 1964 and hit 24 HR in 111 games.   He followed that with 32 & 28 HR the next seasons.    Without a doubt, Tony C was destined to be a super power hitter.   He was also a right handed hitter at Fenway Park, the perfect place for his swing.    

Tony came back in 1969 and did very well in 1970 with 36 HR & 116 RBI.     Unfortunately, he was out of the game by 1971.    

A sad story.   He had the personality and power to be one of the all time Red Sox players but never recovered from that eye injury.    Tony C was the only teenager in MLB history to hit 25 home runs in a season, as well as the youngest player in American League history to reach 100 career home runs.

Tony died in 1990.




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August 18, 2016 at 8:00 am