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What were you doing on the day that Elvis died?

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Are you 40-plus?  You will probably remember that Elvis died on this day in 1977

It was a shocking story that caught most of us by surprise.  I learned about it driving home from a night class.  They interrupted the baseball game with a flash.

I can still remember watching David Brinkley’s special report that night about his life and death. 

Remember all of those music stations that went “Total Elvis” for several days.

Like any superstar, Elvis’ career had several chapters and phases.  

The first one is the young rocker period.   This is when he burst on the charts with a string of gold records and sales unmatched in history.

The second period was when got drafted in ’59 and served in US Army.  He followed military service with more pop than rock hits such as “It’s now or never” or “Surrender”.    (He also met Priscilla when he was doing his military service in Germany)

The third chapter was all of those silly movies that gave us very few memorable tunes.  

The fourth chapter was the Vegas comeback in 1968, the huge concerts and a string of great songs until his death. 

My favorite chapter was the young rocker days.  He was great and sang with incredible energy.  He was simply fabulous!    

Elvis continues to sell records 39 years ago after his death.   His movies are still favorites on TV.    The legend of Elvis also continues to grow.



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August 16, 2016 at 10:00 am

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