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We remember Mark Fidrych (1954-2009)

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Mark Steven Fidrych was born on this day in 1954.   He died in a farm accident in 2009.

In 1976,  Fidrych became the most popular player in baseball.    He had a great season and even started the All Star game:   19-9, 24 complete games and a 2.34 ERA.    He went 10-6 for the next 4 seasons and battled one injury after another.    By 1981, he was out of the game!

In 1976, Mark became the talk of baseball with his pitching, antics on the mound, his genuine exuberance in playing the game, and his “just folks” persona that made a permanent impact on the American public and brought Fidrych his lasting fame, making him one of the most inspirational players in the history of the game.    

He was baseball’s “one hit wonder” but touched the thousands of fans who turned out to see him in Detroit and every other park in the AL.      





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