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Mr Kaine: Those GDP ‘numeros son muy malo’

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(My new American Thinker post)


We learned that VP nominee Senator Kaine can handle Spanish conversation. He can certainly pander in Spanish. He became the latest Democrat to ask for Hispanic votes by promising immigration reform. The last one was Senator Obama in 2008 — and how did that turn out?

Wonder if he is going to explain the latest GDP numbers in Spanish? My guess is that’s one Spanish speech that we won’t hear. The latest GDP numbers are “malo, horrible, terrible” and whatever other Spanish word that comes to my mind.    

This is from Fox News:

Gross domestic product increased at a 1.2 percent annual rate after rising by a downwardly revised 0.8 percent pace in the first quarter, the Commerce Department said on Friday. 

The economy was previously reported to have grown at a 1.1 percent pace in the first quarter.   

Economists polled by Reuters had forecast GDP growth rising at a 2.6 percent rate in the last quarter.

Once again, the economists were surprised that it was lower than anticipated. Another report and another round of economists who expected a better number. Maybe these are the same economists who’ve been advising Jerry Jones on Cowboys’ draft picks since their last Super Bowl visit in 1996!  

We heard a lot about history made in Philadelphia. Yes, a lot of history was made indeed.   

I think that this is the first that a presidential nominee had GDP numbers like this the day after the speech.

As for Mr. Kaine, I’ll be happy to write his Spanish speech about this economy. He won’t like it, but it will tell Hispanics that their investment in Obama left them with nothing but a broken “si se puede” vinyl record.

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Written by scantojr

July 30, 2016 at 7:31 am

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