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Do state legislatures matter anymore?

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(My new American Thinker post)

In a year, Justice Anthony Kennedy has been the key vote in overturning state bans on marriage and now safety restrictions on abortion clinics. In other words, Justice Kennedy made same-sex marriage “legal” and found restrictions on abortion clinics “unconstitutional”.

This is odd because Congress never passed a law on abortion or same-sex marriage. What we call the “law of the land” is nothing more than an opinion written by a justice in 1973 and 2015.

Was this country founded to have people governed by justices who overturn the work of state legislatures? I don’t think so, and the 10th Amendment is there for all to read.

In both cases, Justice Kennedy threw out the work of state legislatures. Is that what he thinks of the people? What in the world does Justice Kennedy, or the other four automatic liberal votes, know about “undue process” on getting an abortion? Did they come to Texas and see what these restrictions are?  

So what is the point of having state legislatures? Why not just have the Supreme Court decide everything?   

The Texas abortion clinic rules was about protecting women rather than denying them their “right” to abortion. Dr. Manny Gonzales reacted to the ruling this way:

I never saw the Texas abortion law as a means to restrict services available to women or put limitations on a patient’s right to choose. 

I saw it as a way to ensure that quality standards were being met at the clinics and centers offering this complicated, delicate procedure. 

It seems to me that while we have no trouble in naming the various issues we face in health care, like medical errors, patient injury, lack of transparency and cost of care, every time we put a solution on the table to address a problem, it becomes poisoned by political correctness and marred by biased motivations.

The left is jumping in glee over Justice Kennedy, a Reagan appointment. However, I hope that everyone is sitting back and thinking about the country.

How can you govern a country when a Supreme Court justice reverses what people pass in state legislatures? How much longer before the people in those states say “we’re out of here” because this system does not respect or work for us?  

Last, but not least, it’s time for a governor to say “enough”. I hope that Governor Greg Abbott will say “no” and refuse to obey Justice Kennedy’s opinion. It’s about time that someone reminded the Supreme Court that their opinions are not “the law of the land”.  

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Written by scantojr

June 28, 2016 at 6:37 am

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