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“Boys without fathers” and lousy public schools equals Baltimore

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There are two parts to this Baltimore story.

The first one is an incompetent mayor who did not protect the citizens or private property.  In other words, The National Guard should have been on the streets after people were stuck at Orioles Stadium on Saturday night.

There is no room for dithering when mobs are about to torch your city.   It was obvious on Saturday night that Baltimore could burn and burn quickly.    

The mayor failed the people of the city.

The second one is a bit more complicated, or the state of young males in Baltimore and other inner cities.  

This is what Charles Krauthammer said the other night:

“We know what the problems are, essentially there are two problems.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said that the one rule of any society is to socialize its young males and it’s the young males who are out there rioting yesterday and there are two issues in the inner cities.

One is single parenthood and the other is the worst schools on earth.

Of the first, we have no idea how to solve that, of the second, we do.

If you can’t improve the schools, give the kids a choice to go to better schools.

The parents begged to have that opportunity but the teachers unions won’t allow it and thus the Democrats won’t. If you want to do something, let them choose their school.”  

Yes, it’s time to say “Where are the fathers”?  

It’s also time to allow parents in the inner cities to “choose” a school.   The corrupt relationship between the Democrats and the teachers’ union has been devastating for minority children.

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April 30, 2015 at 9:00 am

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