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The essence of the poll is that Cubans want change

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There is a new poll that President Obama is more popular than the Castro brothers in Cuba. 
Frankly, my conversations with Cubans who’ve escaped recently confirm that anyone is more popular than the Castro thugs.   This is why they don’t hold elections.   
Frankly, Obama’s popularity is not the real story of the poll.    My personal experience is that Cubans in the island have generally liked the US president.  

In fact, I’ll go further and say that Cubans do not have hostile attitudes toward the US.  
All of these “hostile attitudes” toward the US are found in the regime’s inner circle, or the ones who live in the nice homes in Miramar that they stole from Cubans.
The real story is what the poll says about attitudes toward the Cuban government.
First, this is a poll taken in a police state.   I am very happy that the pollster made that point:
With Cuba’s restricted news media and limited Internet and phone access, getting an accurate sense of public opinion in the country can be difficult. Public surveys are very rare; opinion research is strictly controlled by the Cuban government. Some, conducted surreptitiously, have been sponsored by anti-Castro organizations and have been viewed as biased. On the island, Cubans have an aversion to discussing politics: three-quarters of those surveyed in the Univision poll say they feel they need to be careful about expressing themselves. While some believe the Cuban government privately conducts focus groups and surveys, there are not regular public polls.
That’s right.   Cubans have an aversion to talking to foreign reporters.   This is because the reporter leaves the island and the Cuban is stuck with the consequences of speaking his mind.
Second, the poll is devastating to the Castro regime:
The poll of residents on the island shows a people unhappy with the political system, eager to end the U.S. embargo and disenchanted with their state-run economy. More than half of Cubans say they would like to leave the country for good if they had the chance.
Did you read that Michael Moore and other Hollywood lefties who kiss the dictator’s ring from time to time?
This is a very unpopular regime that stays in power by fear, repression and sadly the indifference of Latin Americans who hate the US more than they love the Cuban people.

We ask again:  So why are we throwing a life line to a regime this unpopular?   
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Written by scantojr

April 9, 2015 at 10:30 am

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