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Obama in a “funk”

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Apparently, President Obama is not a happy person these days, according to Politico:

“Obama, for so long the man with the bright future, has hated being relegated to a sidelined pariah in the midterms—even if it is the inevitable lot of a second-termer with approval ratings hovering in the low 40s—according to a dozen current and former Obama advisers we spoke with in recent days.

He both resents the narrative that he’s basically irrelevant and doesn’t much relish the fact that many of his longest-serving staffers, the remnant core of his once-buzzing and brash White House, are strapping themselves to ejector seats.

More than anything, Obama’s loathing for Washington, an attitude that reads as ennui to outsiders, has hardened into a sullen resignation at being trapped in a broken system he failed to change, advisers told us.

“I sense a certain fatalism there, and it’s disturbing,” says a former adviser on Obama’s campaign who, like many others we talked with for this story, requested anonymity. “There’s a sense that ‘I’ve tried everything, and look where it got me.’ People misread it as disengagement. It’s frustration. But who cares? It’s a bad mind-set.”

Another Obama veteran adds, “the bully pulpit is gone, maybe forever.””

President Obama is a man in “a funk” as they say in the street.  

He’s lost the public because he can’t lead or govern.  

He is a passive man who does not confront problems.  

He does not have managerial instincts and surrounds himself with lightweights who tell him what he wants to hear, as the very liberal Kristen Powers said the other day,

The good news is that he will take a plane to Chicago in 26 months and leave this job that he hates so much to someone else.  

The bad news is that he is going to hate every minute of the next 26 months.  

From ISIS to ObamaCare, it’s a first rate mess, a mess primarily of his creation.


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November 3, 2014 at 9:00 pm

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