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Madison and the Giants lead the way

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Like Sandy Koufaz broke my heart in 1965, Madison Bumgarner broke KC hearts last night.  

Koufax came back to win game 7 with 2-days rest.  Bumgarner came back to pitch 5-plus innings in relief.    The bottom line was the same:  A world series ring!

What a historic performance by Bumgarner:

“Mathewson spun three shutouts for the New York Giants in the 1905 World Series, always the standard for greatness.

But this was about as close as any pitcher has come since.

At 0.43, Bumgarner’s E.R.A. is the lowest in a World Series for pitchers with at least 15 innings since Koufax’s 0.38 mark in 1965.”  

The SF Giants will probably be called a dynasty soon, i.e. 3 in 5 years is very unique.  However, this is a different kind of dynasty.  It is an organization dynasty, or the result of what a GM, team manager and role players can do together.  

My guess is that a lot of team owners are taking note.  

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October 30, 2014 at 5:00 pm

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