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Barone is right: Hispanics are “souring” on Obama & Democrats

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It’s clear that Hispanics had a lot to do with re-electing President Obama:  He got just under 51% of the popular but 72% among Hispanics.    Just do the numbers and it translates into victories for Mr Obama in Florida, Virginia and perhaps Ohio!

What if Gov Romney had received 40% of the Hispanic vote?   He would won a 2004 Bush-like election!

According to Michael Barone, Hispanics are tuning out the Democrats:

“As for immigration, relatively few Hispanics tell pollsters that’s a top issue. They bristle when Republicans make statements that seem contemptuous of immigrants.

But they’ve also noticed that Democrats didn’t pass legislation legalizing illegals when they had the votes.

Historically, the Democratic party has been a collection of out-groups who, when gathered together, make up a majority of the nation.

But each out-group has different interests and priorities. Holding them together is difficult. The Obama Democrats have treated Hispanics as a passive and reliable source of votes.

They have not delivered on issues Hispanics care about and instead have advanced the pet causes of gentry liberals.

The evidence from Colorado, California and Texas suggests Hispanics may be noticing.”

We will see on election day.  My guess is that Hispanic turnout will be low but it won’t be as supportive of Democrats as it was in recent years.

Written by scantojr

October 16, 2014 at 10:30 am

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