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Keep Bart Starr in your prayers!

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As I write in “Cubanos in Wisconsin“, Bart Starr was my first NFL hero.  

We landed in Wisconsin during the Packers’ reign of the NFL.  They won 2 Super Bowls and Starr was the MVP twice.  He was a professional all the way and a gentleman off the field.

I just learned that Starr is recovering from a stroke:

“Green Bay Packers great Bart Starr’s health issues have been more serious than initially reported, involving two strokes, a mild heart attack and seizures in the last month.

Starr, 80, had an ischemic stroke on Sept. 2, which was reported at the time. Five days later, he had a hemorrhagic stroke and the heart attack, his family said Saturday. That had not been reported.

“His progress was additionally slowed by seizures which now are under control through medication,” Starr’s wife Cherry said in a statement posted early Saturday evening on the Packers’ website. The seizures also had not been reported.

“Although there have been many bumps in the road over the past several weeks, we remain optimistic for Bart’s quality of life going forward,” Cherry Starr said in the statement.”

We are hoping for the best.  Nevertheless, keep the great Bart Starr in your prayers.  He needs them!

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October 4, 2014 at 10:00 pm

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