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September 22, 2014 at 10:00 am

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Wendy Davis is a liberal in a very conservative state

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They had “a governor debate” on Friday evening but most people in Texas were following high school football. 

 The Abbott-Davis race looks more and more like a GOP landslide.  

At this point, the question is whether Miss Davis loses by 10 or 20 points!   She could get 45% if there is a heavy Democrat turnout.  

She may sink under 40% if the GOP turnout is as expected across Texas.
Frankly, Miss Davis is one very liberal candidate in a very conservative state, as Dan Balz described Texas:

“In November, Texas voters could elect the most conservative ticket of statewide officials in the state’s history.
Grass-roots activists are even more conservative, as evidenced by the state GOP platform that was produced earlier this summer.”  
The bottom line is that Texas is a very conservative GOP, as Mr Balz indicates.
AG Abbott will replace Gov Perry and State Sen Patrick will replace Lt Gov Dewhurst.  

Both men are more conservative than the two men they will be replacing.
How far will this Texas conservative movement go?  Will the “Texas way” reach Washington DC?  We will learn that in 2016 if Sen Cruz and Gov Perry seek the nomination.
In the meantime, Miss Davis continues to portray the GOP as anti-woman, anti-poor and anti-just about everything.  On November, the voters are very likely to say that they are anti-Davis, or more specifically anti-liberal.
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Written by scantojr

September 22, 2014 at 7:01 am